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PUREFILMS is a community where Independent Producers and Movie-makers can offer their documentaries and movies to their followers, getting money from every sale. Joining us you become part of our creative community! 


How do I become e Producer? How can I publish and sell my contents?

It 's easier to do than to say ... Use our contact form to write us and propose your contents, we will answer asap. If you don’t want to use our form, you can send an email directly to mymovies@vodevolution.com.

What can I sell on PUREFILMS.TV?

You can sell only movies and/or documentaries, that you own or you have the rights to distribute


It's completely forbidden to publish violent content, child pornography content, content with animals inside, content not respectful of women, content that racist in general. We may at any time delete your account at our discretion.

You are fully responsible for your Account: check our policy and don't upload the contents against it.


How you will get paid!

We pay by Bank Wire or PayPal.


When you will be paid!

We pay at the end of every month.


What we pay!

We pay 50% commission: no hidden costs! If you see on your sales report that we owe you 1,000.00$, we will pay 1,000.00$.


How can I control my sales?

Once you have been selected and accepted, you will have access to a control panel that allows you to check your sales at any time.


Which video format can I upload?

You can upload .mp4 of 10Gb maximum - HD or 4K.


Should I sign an agreement?

Yes, you need to sign an agreement with us. You will receive a copy only after being accepted into our community.


Are there any limitations or costs?

There are no costs, but your contents from the time of upload have to remain active at least 90 days before being deleted. You will always be the owners of your content, as indicated in our agreement, but we also want our customers to have time to know you and be able to buy.


Do you need exclusive stuff?

No, we don't. 



Purefilms.tv is a project owned and controlled by two companies, both based in Switzerland: Thebcompany.ch & Vodevolution.com






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